Dance Notations and Robot Motion


The workshop took place at LAAS-CNRS

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The Anthropomorphic Motion Factory is a unique forum developed in the framework of the ERC project Actanthrope. It is open to researchers and experts from various backgrounds, all involved in the study of human and humanoid motion.

A motion is perceived by others from its completion into the physical space. At the same time, the same motion originates within the personal body space. Identifying what is happening in the body when a person is moving is not an easy task. Human motion analysis focuses on the relationship between physical space and body space.

Questions such as the following are key ingredients for effective discussion on this topic: How an anthropomorphic action is decomposed into a sequence of motions? How an emotional state is reflected in a motion? How to describe a dance in terms of a sequence of elementary motions?

The workshop Dance Notations and Robot Motion aims to gather roboticists, computer scientists, neuroscientists, dance notation system researchers (Laban, Benesh, Eshkol-Wachman), and choreographers, in order to promote a multidisciplinary research on human motion analysis. Its objective is to lay the foundations for a mutual understanding that is essential for synergetic development in motion research.

The topic addresses methods for anthropomorphic motion segmentation and generation. In the dance field, tools for analyzing and transcribing human movements, i.e. the so called “dance notation systems”, have been developed to enhance dancer performance. Furthermore robotics is concerned by computer-based approaches to transform actions expressed in the physical space into a sequence of motions expressed in the robot control space. The workshop intends both:

  • To focus on notation systems, which structurally describe human movements by using symbols, as tools of motion segmentation
  • To explore the relationship between motion notation systems and engineering based methods for motion generation as developed in computer animation and humanoid robotics.

The workshop will particularly address recent developments on the computational issues of Laban notation systems (Kinetography Laban/Labanotation and Laban Movement Analysis). The computation of different movement notation systems as like Benesh Movement Notation and Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation will be also discussed and mirrored with recent developments in robot motion planning and control.

An objective of the workshop will be to prepare a textbook aiming to promote the research domain.

*The workshop takes place in the framework of the European Research Council project Actanthrope (N°340050) that aims at exploring the computational foundations of anthropomorphic action.



November 13-14, 2014



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